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Too Old to Find Success?

I am surprised by how many people I talk to that think they are too old to start a business … too old to be successful at anything anymore.

That is pure foolishness. Anyone can become a success at any age. Not everyone starts out as a college drop out to become a millionaire by 25 years of age.

Most people have about 10 different careers in their lifetime. You can start a business at any age … and be successful.

James Altucher talks about that 1% of improvement in our health, our relationships, and how that 1% compounds into an amazing person. We have the opportunity to make that 1% change in our business every day too. In one of his posts on how to find success in later life he lists several people that have been major successes and become household names.

I have taken the liberty of posting his examples of people who have been successful later in life.


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