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One thing Republicans and Democrats have in common.

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Democrats and Republicans can’t seem to agree on anything, but in a recent study by Lincoln Financial Group, all voters expressed concern about their financial future on retirement.

Paula Aven Gladvch, reports the results of a study by the Lincoln Group “Narrowing the Generation Gap: Focus on Retirement.”  92% of both Democrats and Republicans say they want to save enough so that they don’t have to work in retirement, but both parties share a lack of confidence about what they are doing to achieve that goal”.

Only one quarter of people surveyed think they have planned well for retirement. A small percentage more think they have their financial budgeting under control.

By far the majority of people are optimistic and think they understand their financial future and are planning appropriately.

There is a huge gap between optimism and the reality.

Unfortunately, when people are nearing retirement they tend to be ignored by the financial planners. This is when the need is acute. People need to understand their options and make a plan.

Stated succinctly, retirees need more income to live comfortably.

One way to plan for retirement is to start a low-cost online business while the person is still working. This way when they retire they already have an additional stream of income to supplement security benefits.

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