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Retirees Dreams and Reality

Retirees attitudes about life in retirement vary, sometimes considerably for reality. According to recent research by The Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, many people are hoping to just get by covering their daily basic living expenses. For most financial concerns were a priority.

76% of retirees wished they had saved more earlier in their working years. For most Social Security was going to be their main source of income as many employers did not offer retirement plans.

Generally, financial planners ignore people nearing retirement. Planners assume retirees have the money they need or have no need of financial advice. On the contrary retirees are in need of specific short term advice.

Workers who were 50+ and contemplating retirement expected to continue working either full-time or part-time long after they turned 65.

The new retirement is the ‘un-retirement’. People are in good health and living 30+ years after retirement. If you consider that for most working people their career spans 30-35 years, then this is like an entire career after retirement.

In fact, most people are living to such a grand old age that they are outliving their income.

The solution to this dichotomy is to have more income in retirement, without risking current capital. Retirees need to look for ways to make money while retired. The new online economy offers the opportunity to do just that.

Follow these posts to find out exactly how you can start an online business in retirement.

Even in the face of these impending dangers, most retirees are in good health, happy and enjoying life. Do we hear echoes of the Titanic.

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