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How to Back up your WordPress website

Back up website

If you have a WordPress site, you need to know this! How to back up your WordPress site with SnapshotPro.

Everything you have ever created in WordPress needs to be backed up – posts, images, settings, responses, plug-ins.

Don’t assume you web hosting company is doing it for you. It’s probably not, unless you paid for the service.

If your site gets hacked your database gets corrupted or erased, then you would lose everything. Prepare for the worst scenario, live with the best preparation scenario. Be able to backup or restore your website instantly.

“It only takes a few minutes to make a backup of your site with our Snapshot Pro plugin. Snapshot Pro will backup your content and let you restore it with a click. Think of it like a time machine for WordPress.” Jenni McKinnon tells you how in this post on WPMUDEV.

It takes is 10 minutes to set up and back up your site. Jenni will walk you through how to backup your site with Snapshot Pro.

Now you know how to back up your WordPress site with SnapshotPro you have no excuse. Back up your site now.

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