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Does What You Wear Affect Your Thinking?

New psychological research shows that what you wear has a direct influence on how you think.

This research may come as a shock to governments and companies enthralled with the dress-down days , or come to work wearing whatever you like everyday.

Did you know that many companies that espouse the dress-as-you-like code, actually keep dress shirts and jackets in the closet ready for staff to put on if they are going to be meeting with a client?  Did you wonder why sports teams require their athletes to dress formally when coming to games?

When taking my granddaughter to the hockey arena, I saw a team of 6-8 year old boys dressed in suits and ties lugging their equipment into the arena.   A junior league hockey player that is billeting with me is required to dress in shirt and tie to come to a game.  His coach as told them it affects their attitude to the game and increases their confidence level.

They may be onto something.

Check out this article in The Atlantic to learn how wearing formal dress, a suit, is seen as a power mechanism in negotiations and makes people think about the bigger picture rather than focusing on the details of their individual work processes.


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