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What’s in a name?

What’s in a Name?


The name you choose will focus clients on your business.

The name will reflect your personality and ideally communicate what your business is about.

A wisely chosen name can be the ultimate marketing tool for your business. A poorly chosen name can relegate your business to the sidelines.

Here’s a list of 8 considerations in choosing a name.


1.  Thinking about what you want your name to communicate.

Your name should communicate to your audience and consumer what your business does or your area of expertise is.

The more your business name communicates what your business is about, the easier your marketing and promotion development will be.

Dictionary-based words are easier for people to relate to.


2.  Using your personal name.

In certain professional occupations the use of your personal name is mandatory.

In other types of business will your name add to the draw of business? Are you comfortable using your name? Have you always wanted to see your name in lights?

Personal names are usually easier to register, unless you have a very common name that has already been registered.

If you sell your business or franchise will you be comfortable with other people, who may have quite different objectives for your business, operating under your name?


3. Being too specific.

Names can be too specific. What if you have used the street name, city name or geographic location of your business in the name and later you want to expand to other locations?


4. Choosing a name that appeals to your customer.

Think about, if you were the customer, what kind of name would draw you to visit your business.

It should be clear, convey pleasant images or induce pleasant emotions to the customer.

Stay away from words with negative relationships or unpleasant connotations. You want people to feel good about engaging with your business.


5. Using long, descriptive names.

Long, descriptive or hyphenated words for a name are more difficult for people to remember.

Keep it short and memorable.


6. Making up or using cute names.

Made-up names may be easy to remember or may create obscurity. Be careful if combining words or changing spelling. It needs to be easy for the customer to relate to and remember.

Cute names or cute puns may mean something to you, but will they mean anything to the customer? Will they add to the professionalism of your business? Generally stay away from cute names.


7. Choosing a name you are comfortable with.

Hopefully you will be associated with the name you chose for a long time, so chose something you are comfortable with.


8. Getting help from a naming expert.

You may wish to work with an expert to help you choose a name.

An internet search or the business and services section of the telephone directory will provide many possible experts.

Be sure to check how much the naming service is going to charge and what you are going to get for the price.



Each of these will be described in further detail in future blogs. Watch for the items you are interested in following here at Biz4Zoomers or follow us and Like us on Facebook.

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