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3 Trending Home Business Opportunities for Retirement Income

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Are you suffering from retirement anxiety, wondering how you will make ends meet when you retire? Are you looking for a business to operate from your home when you retire?

Then here are 3 ideas. You can get started for little or no investment, especially if these businesses relate to your current occupation. Let us call it seniors helping seniors.


1. Home interior renovations are very popular. According to statista, home improvement and repairs topped $317 billion in 2013. As the population ages more seniors are need railings installed in stairways, bedrooms set up on the main floor of the house, walk-in tubs installed in bathrooms and ramps built to the front door. These jobs recently retired carpenters, electricians or plumbers can do on an ad hoc basis, usually without a lot of time pressure.


2. Online sales are reaching US$63.4 billion in the first quarter of 2014 (Comscore) and $18.9 Billion in 2012 in Canada (Statistics Canada). Why not start an online business? Little or no investment is required. Look back over your career. Do you have expertise that can be turned into consulting services? Are you good at sales and just need to find a product? Do you have a hobby that could now be another source of income?


3. Sewing for people who are not ‘off-the-rack’ sizes can be very lucrative. Older people also need adjustments to clothes so they can manage to dress themselves easily. Snaps or Velcro instead of buttons makes dressing easier for movement-impaired persons. Are you adept at adjusting patterns? Do you have hidden design talents? Then there is a market for your services.


Stay tuned for more home business ideas to keep you busy and earn extra income when you retire.

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