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6 Reasons you Need a Website for your Business.


According to Susan Ward, in 2014, only 41% of Canadian small businesses had a website. Surprisingly Canadians are the second heaviest Internet users globally. There’s a big gap here.


So why should Canadian businesses get a website?


  1. People are using the Internet as we used to sue a phone book. Your business needs to be there when they look.
  2. Business legitimacy. If you have a business, then people expect a bricks-and-mortar site, a website or both. Don’t disappoint them.
  3. Adds another marketing channel. As a business, it is hard to have too many marketing channels.
  4. Online spending is increasing rapidly. Your business and your products need to be there. More Canadians order on line than Americans.
  5. A website can lead customers to your brick-and-mortar store. Often customers do their research online and then buy from a retail outlet where they can see and handle the product.
  6. Another opportunity for customer data collection. People are more likely to fill out their name and address online than in a store.


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