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Hello! Hello!

I’m Carole Nap, of

Carole Nap hard at work

Carole Nap hard at work on site

I love business.  I love start-up businesses.  I hope this site will help you construct your business for success!


I have owned my own companies, one of which I franchised. I taught “How to Start a Small Business” at community college. I have worked in the private sector and was senior management for private sector, national, non-profit associations, in sectors as diverse as grocery, hardware, housewares and biotechnology. I’ve also worked at senior policy levels in several departments of both the provincial and federal government involved in research, policy development, program design and drafting legislation.
In between all this, my consulting company advised small and medium businesses on expanding business overseas, developing business plans and acquiring financing from banks, venture capitalists and angel financiers. For several years I was an adviser to Ministers in the federal government on legislation, policy development and tax credits to assist development of small and medium businesses.
I look forward to putting all this expertise and experience to use by assisting you in the construction and operation of your own successful business.




Leave me your most critical needs in regard to your business at, so I can publish answers to your questions.


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